Available Puppies

Shipping is not included. Pick up is free. Hand delivery is the only way I will ship puppies and it is an extra $500. The puppy is flown to you and put in your hands by me personally.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the up coming litters. Pick is decided in the order of rank on my waiting list. I reserve the right to take first pick on all of my litters for show potential puppies. Read the contract before committing to our waiting list. There is also a phone interview before any puppy will be allowed to leave my home. I am always here for questions. My Frenchie or someone else's. French bulldogs are my breed and I am here to help.


He's going to be super tiny. He's 6 months old and only 14lbs.

Bailey and Syrus Litter 2017 

BFF Couch Pa-Tater's Come Sway with Me (Sway)


BFF Couch Pa-Tater's Happy as a Lark (Lark)



Cream Female Sale Pending
BFF Couch Pa-Tater's Bailey's and Cream (Mianette)

Brindle Female 


Brindle and White Male
BFF Couch Pa-Tater's Stir of Echo's (Echo)

Masked Fawn Male
BFF Couch Pa-Tater's He's got MoJo (Atlas)

Bailey and Syrus Litter 2016
This litter has been sold.

Masked Fawn Female 
Sold to Regina from Oregon

Cream Male
Staying as a show prospect

 Masked Fawn

Larger Brindle Male

Smaller Brindle Male

***Zoe and Diesel Litter is SOLD***


Lucy and Tater Fall 2015
Born 10/20/15
(This litter is SOLD)

(This is Lucy's and Tater's last litter. They are now retired.)

Cream Female #2
(Sold to Marc from Western NY )

Cream Female #3
(Sold to Vanda from NYC)

Brindle Female #1
(Sold to Hilary from NYC)

(SOLD to Gabrielle from Auburn, NY) 

(SOLD to Jessica from Western, NY)

(SOLD to Carrie from Western, NY)

(SOLD to Shelly Skaneateles, NY)
(SOLD to Teresa from Skaneateles, NY)


Zoe and Diesel Summer 2015 
(Sorry but this litter has been sold. The best way to ensure a puppy is to put down a deposit. If you are interested please contact me before making a deposit as there is an interview process)

(Wish you could see them in person. The pictues don't do them justice. They are much lighter in color)

Zoe and Tater's Litter 2014

Sold to Tina from Chittenango, NY

Sold to Brandon from Manhaton, NY

Sold to Nicole from Bennington, VT

Sold to Joe from Hilton, NY

Sold to Ryan from Clay, NY

Sold Gina from Saratoga NY

Rick and Darren from Conneticut


SOLD to Lindsay from Auburn NY

Sold To Janelle from Syracuse, NY

(staying here with us as Couch Pa-Tater's Little Taste of Bailey's)

 Now living with Taylor from Binghamton, NY

Luna and Tater's Litter

Sold to Maria from Pennsylvania


Sold to Todd from Virginia


Sold to Robin from New York


Lucy and Tater's 2014 litter

Sold to Dave from Pennsylvania


SOLD to Jean from New Jersey

SOLD to Nancy from New York

Sold to Justin from New York

SOLD to Jessica from New York

Tater and Lucy's Litter

Sold to Kim from Rochester

Sold to Norman from NJ

(Jennifer changed her mind so we have decided to keep this little baby)
BFF Couch Pa-Tater's Little Presto Magic Dreamer

SOLD to Chris from NY

"Roman Liam"
SOLD to Vanda from NY


Lucy/Tater's Winter 2012 Litter

(SOLD to Liz, New York, NY)

(SOLD to Rachel Troy, NY 12182)

 (SOLD to Nicole, Hoboken, NJ)

(SOLD to Frank, Mohawah, NJ)

(SOLD to Erica, Herndon, VA)

(SOLD to Kim & Nick, Sicklerville, NJ)

Lucy/Tater's Spring 2012 Litter

(SOLD to Annie Rice from New York City, NY)

(SOLD to Joelle from Weehawken, NJ)

(SOLD to Billy from Brooklyn, NY)

(SOLD to Katie from Syracuse, NY)

(SOLD to Cheryl from Hamptons, NY)

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